Shravani Restaurant

Taste of Tradition

Indulge in the Flavors of North India, Family-Style, at Shravani Restaurant – Where Every Meal is a Celebration!

Shravani Restaurant

Our Delicious Story

A Journey Through the Flavors of North India and the Love of Family.

Join us at Shravani Restaurant for an extraordinary dining experience. Taste the love!”

Featured Delicacies

Fresh From the Grill

All Meats Are Served with House Pickles

Butter Chicken


Tandoori Chicken in Creamy Tomato Sauce, the Delectable Butter Chicken.

Hakka Noodles


Tasty stir-fried noodles – Hakka Noodles. Enjoy the oriental flavors

Chicken Tikka


Tender, marinated chicken with smoky flavor – Chicken Tikka. Irresistible delight!

Chicken Biryani


Flavorful rice dish with seasoned chicken – Chicken Biryani.

Panner 65


Spicy and crispy Indian appetizer – Paneer 65. Perfect for sharing!

Butter Kulcha


Soft, buttery, and flavorful Indian bread – Butter Kulcha. Perfect accompaniment!

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Happy Hours

Every Thursday, 4PM – 7PM

They All Love Our Food

prasad bansodkar
prasad bansodkar
Bring your own booze and give a try for Dal Tadka and Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Soup (all 3 most recommended)